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Brutallyhonest @agoodlistenerhuman

This post is the timtimata sitara of now and me. Stop saying that no one loves you. no one is going to love you if you say that. Why don’t you and introspect and look into yourself that whether you are insecure ,anxious or depressed or whatever problem you are dealing with. Just by shouting on this platform that nobody loves you, you might fetch some attention but it will be of no use. So calm down
Sit for a while. Talk to yourself. Talking to yourself is so underrated but you know what you should do that

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Brutallyhonest @agoodlistenerhuman


I know you might be going through a lot and this might be the lowest point in a life but that doesn’t mean attention will pick you up from your lowest point. It’s you who’s gonna pick yourself up. Everybody in this world has a fair share of highs and lows in their life but that doesn’t mean that you should go around ranting about it.


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