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This past week I’ve felt very depressed. Awhile ago my parents found out about me being bi(they didn’t believe me but hoped I’d be with a boy still even though I have a girlfriend) there have been many things said to me about my gf or me being part of the LGBTQ, nothing good. I’ve also come to the conclusion I’m gay but I feel like a part in that could be from past experiences…For years I’ve tried asking my mother to get my hair cut short cause I truly hate it. I did at the beginning of the week without them knowing, decided that following morning I’d also officially come out as gay. But doing that threw my mother into a absolute fit saying I’m lying about being gay cause she’s seen my friends with even shorter haircuts and assumes I just want to fit in…they are trans. I never told them that bcz they are homophobic and I wanted to continue hanging out with them. She’s also said I’m only into girls because I don’t feel pretty enough to get a guy. But anyway, because of this she said no more dating. My gf doesn’t know yet and I don’t know how to feel. Trying to remind myself I have 1 yr left in this house but idk…Idk how to cope with all this and have had zero energy to do anything.

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Rspect to you girl
Like you’re really brave trying to explain it to your parents
Even I’m a part of the community but I can’t even think of sharing any of it with them ever 😅 even though I’m probably gonna spend my whole life with them

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Whatever you are going through is probably the worst nightmare of every closeted person. Even I’m gay and i used to be scared as shit to let my parents find out. Now i got too tired to be scared all the time so I don’t pay much heed to that.

Remember that these things your parents are saying , don’t let them affect you. They are just trying to deny the fact
I’m with you . We all are with you. You said one year till you have to live with them so just let them say whatever they want and after that you’ll be free. If you ever want to talk I’ll be here

Dev -Ume @ume_saruma

I’m so sorry to hear that…
You can always talk to me, I’ll hear your out and help you out as much as I can

-Fellow lesbian😩💅🌈

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yash khatri @yash777

Have faith in yourself😇😇😇😇


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