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This past summer my gf dumped me. Heartbroken, I went to a friend’s small house party to drink and get my mind off of her. There was guy there who hit on me and after I was drunk apparently fed me a xan. Im lightweight and ended up passing out unconscious. He took me outside behind the house and took advantage of me. The landlord of my friends house found me outside on the dirt and could tell id been violated. My ex got back into contact with me and I found the courage to tell her. We got back together. Acted like she was there for me. A week later ghosted me. Her reason: Because I wanted her to come over every night & wanted to spend time with her. I was suffering and scared and she somewhat made me feel okay and safe. Then randomly left me. Would leave me on read. Knew I was dealing with it alone and isolated while she was riding around hanging out with other people and talking to them…just living it up while ignoring me. Finally got a response after blowing her up. She got mad over nothing (she’d been drinking) and yelled at me over the phone breaking up with me again. After she hung up she went to hangout with someone id introduced her to in the past. Showed a stranger my detailed text on my assult. And talked to a guy who didn’t even know me but talked crap about me. Then she went to his house and slept with him and a female at the same time. 2 days later she called me to confess what she’d done the same night breaking up with me and how bad she felt. There’s no reason for her to suspect I lied about it. There were screenshots of text from my friend who threw the party saying she loved me and how sorry she was that he hurt me and also text from him apologizing and begging me not to tell the police bc he didn’t want to go to jail. I sent her those. The stranger she shared that with told her i could have just sleep with him then regretted it and cried rape. Yet my gf had the evidence on her phone. Was she trying to hurt me bc i text her “hope your not talking shit about me” I only did that to get a reaction and hopefully a text back from her cause she was leaving me on read for a week and I even told her how the police were no help and she left me alone to deal with that…then screwed 2 strangers. Did she honestly think I lied regardless of the proof and is that why she did it? Or did she do it out of anger bc i sent a dumb text trying to get her to contact me?

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Simran @st1199

I couldn’t understand the context as to from where did the Police matter came and how is it linked to your Girlfriend and she sleeping with someone else and then coming back to you.

Can you break it down into more simple words so that I can understand better and guide you? :)


After she dumped me the 1st time I went to the party an rn that thing happend. We got bck together after that then she just ghosted me. After ignoring me fora week she finally called to yell at me for blowing her phone. Up but I did that bc she just vamped out on me w/o saying anything. And when she called to bitch at me the said it was over. Right after she dumped me again that night, she slept with 2 strangers. Idk if she was made at me for getting assaulted and did that to hurt me or what. During the week she ghosted me I kept texting her aboit how the police would not help me. I thought she would be there for me. She said the reason why she ghosted me before leaving methe 2nd time was bc i wanted to see her everyday

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Simran @st1199

Okay. I now understand your point.
You wanted to tell Police about how you got assaulted by a man and she wasn’t there for you when you needed her by your side. I am sorry with what happened to you :(.
She broke up and slept with strangers and made you feel horrible.

So, firstly its not your fault. You being an understanding boyfriend gave her, her time and then thought of discussing things. She even after that took you for granted and despite saying sorry for everything she again did the same thing. You have to MOVE ON with what happened in the past and take this as a lesson that not everyone is meant to be with you and you have to actually understand a person to trust him/her.

It will certainly take time but you can move ahead! :)


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