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This might seem trivial.
My cousin brother and I have a really good relation.he is 4 years older to me. We have so many happy memories. But only recently I came to know after he left from visiting me, from his brother, that he had been having issues about a girl and he was really going through a turmoil. And he didn’t say a word. Now I am doubting our relation. I’m feeling useless and helpless. I’m feeling angry that he couldn’t confide in me. I’m sad that he doesn’t consider me close enough for me to be able to cpnsole him. IKNOW that I’m being self centered but I’m really hurt. He was one of the few in my family to whom I am the closest. Now I think it was all in my mind. We are not at all close.

Post anonymously?

Hey, in my opinion, sometimes it’s very difficult for people to come out to someone even the close ones. He might have certain hesitations or some doubts which is absolutely okay.

Why don’t you take the initiative to ask him and kind of nudge him that you’re always there no matter what. It’s really important to remind your close ones from time to time that you’re there for them.
Try talking to him, you never know he might be waiting for you to notice. 🌻🌻