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this might seem like a very small issue but i face major PMS mood swings where i go into extreme moods. i dont know why this happens. i have shown to gynae also but never helped

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oh i have been through this too. its terrible. i would say go see another gynae who can help you out better


not a smalll isssue!!! no issue is small.

Monika @monika

I agree with Lola, you must take help from a different gynaecologist if the other one has not been able to help. DOn’t delay the doctor visit.

Ananya @ananya2

Not a small issue at all! I have terrible PMS, and so does my mother and sister. And since we live together, our periods are usually synced. So the PMS happens together. You cannot imagine the CHAOS in my house that week. My gynae didn’t treat it like a big deal, so first thing I did was look for a new one from an online source that allows reviews. That way I had an idea of the new one before I visited her. Also, please go hear the podcast “She says she’s fine” by Dr. Munjaal V. Kapadia, it normalises women’s health issues and really helped me realise how many things I’m not dealing with ALONE, like I initially thought.


Thanks Ananya. I will definitely listen to that podcast. This is not Amanya (who wrote this post) but your reply really helped me as well, I go through the similar issue.


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