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Galexia @galexia

This might be so random, but since I thought about it I can’t get my head out of it.
What’s the gender? Like, really.
It’s a social construction to give us an identification. I get it. But nowadays I see this concept break the standars of just “women and men” and be more like nonbinary and etc and this just makes me wonder.
What’s really being a woman? What’s being a man? What’s being a nonbinary, binary, etc? I get the biological part and thag only exist two, but what’s really FEEL those genders? Where’s the wall of stereotypes and sexism? Isn’t it like… all the construction of the gender just really a stereotype?
Think about it. We’re humans, we’re different and unique. Is it even possible to even… feel a gender as a one simple unity? What’s gender besides an identification? I’m a woman, but why? Even if I identify as other gender, my question remains the same.
I can’t say what it feels to be a certain gender bc I don’t know what it is really. I don’t think such a thing exist? But yeah I’m talking about myself, I can’t tell what it is for others.
I’m a woman bc society told me so and I felt comfortable with it, more easy to identify myself and stuff but honestly I couldn’t care less if you refer me like chair you know
My native language (spanish) uses pronouns to everything, so its one of the things that made me question why.
I’m just thinking about this. I think is normal to question knowing I’m still a teen. Then again, this is my point of view and I’m sorry if I said something wrong. I’m totally open to know what y’all think about this!

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You know Galexia, I’ve thought about this too. And I find gender to be nothing but a social construct. Construct that stops you from doing a certain profession, looking a certain way or loving a certain person. I don’t think you’re saying anything wrong at all. As long as people get to be who they want to be, how does any of it even matter? This concept is too utopian, that’s all. A world, free of judgement. Because, to break this concept down, it is all judgement for non-conformity. I mean if tomorrow, people start thinking it isn’t feminine enough for me to earn my own income or to sit with my legs wide open or to wear baggy, loung-ey clothes then will I care about being feminine? No, I’d much rather just do my own thing without caring about what people might “label” me as. I totally support your ideology.


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