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This may sound wierd but I have developed this mindset in myself that most of the people are sinner and are making this world a worse place to live day by day by their small acts …people would be harrassing others for no reason because the know that the other person won’t do anything… When people are in a group they are just out of themselves they lose their morals they are just trying to have their entertainment and they won’t care if they do anything stupid while … Guys be staring commenting sexually ( this has become cliche ) …things which shouldn’t have been normalised are normalised and things which should have been are lost … So I’ve developed this intrusive thinking that these people just deserve to fcking die and I know that if I knew someone who wasn’t a decent person … I wont be giving a fck and would actually be happy … Yes I would be happy on someone’s death idk how I’ve developed these thoughts and now I’m mostly surrounded by it …this has made me question humanity … I don’t reach out to people because of this so I’m not adding anyone to my friend list lately …moreover I have been losing or growing distant with the friends I had if they don’t show basic values sometimes …I stop talking to them and now o have really less friends now …I don’t like talking to my family coz out mindsets don’t match very much. I’m not very sad that I have countable friends now but it just frustrates me that why am I choosy about people now and that the fact that my condition are very basic and majority of the population lack basic charactistics.

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RIP humanity.

hopetoloveandli... @hopetolove

I think you are just because of some / or more bad incidents you have lost trust and developed a thought around it
But we all have been through some tough things and everyone is going through
We can’t change the bad in people nor we can justify the wrong
But are we so fragile to make ourselves just like them or strong enough to focus on the positive and the hardships of others
Like your parents love you and what you are going through is also affecting them and they don’t deserve this do they ?

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hopetoloveandli... @hopetolove

But trust me they know
They are your parents they know

Cinemaholic @cinemaholic

Believe me it not, I have similar thoughts and I can’t share this openly to my friends or family. I don’t know what me to feel this way but I started to dislike people to a large extent.

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