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This is the friendship i had always wished for. Though it didn’t meet my expectations I’m in it because we have to thankful for what we have got.
Ours is a grouo of four. But people aren’t happy in it. We’re struggling. One of us is really struggling to be with the rest. Because we have different interests. Three of us some how get along. But the other one is struggling and most of the times that person doesn’t like being with us.
And there’s been a misunderstanding now which has created a bad air. And I’m so done. If someone asks me something i might ask them to just break this, move on and be with whom so ever they get along with. I’m so done. Its not about this misunderstanding. There’s been many instances like this. But we just let go such issues. Maybe all of us need to break up. May be I’m negative here. If things are one sided, be it friendship or any other relationship. Its meaningless right? I can’t do this anymore. I tried convincing both of them to sort things but when people ignore my texts when else can i do? I want to give up on this. Many times i brought muself back but nah! This time i can’t. I have to give up. And i guess thats the best decision i guess. The problem is my mind. I’m a fickle minded person. I’m a monkey. I keep jumping making random decisions amd end up hating myself. I’m done. I’m so done with this.

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