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Muskan Sahni @muskansahni

This is the first time I am using this platform to pour my heart out. I am feeling too overwhelmed.

I was going through my Google Photos and even after 14 months of my breakup with him, there is still a part of me that still feels agitated, triggered, and affected by him. I am not blaming him. I was too toxic for him. We were too toxic for each other. He fell out of love, but I didn’t. I honestly don’t believe in this falling-out love concept. If you love someone, you just wholeheartedly do. Of course, there will always be rough patches. It will never be a smooth sail.

I understand that people go through a lot and a breakup is honestly nothing to deal with probably, but when you’ve major family issues, you tend to look outside your home for a healthy, loving relationship. It hurts so much when the person who means your whole world decides to walk away.

I don’t want him back, but there’s a part of me still looking for closure. I’ll be forever grateful to him because he taught me so much about love and life. I wish him all the luck and love in this world. He deserves it all :)

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TeeJay @dran89

Its tough when you don’t get a closure. The happy memories just keep you going. Hopefully it does get better.

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Harsh @harsh91

you are right you never stop loving someone, but with time you start loving something or someone more, more enough to fade out the other.

and yea it’s life, people come and go, it does hurt when someone you care about walks away, but it means that there is a place for new people to walk in your life.

Happy456 @happy456

People come and go muskan, that’s the way life is. But I promise you when the right person come, he will stay. Stay with you till very end. I wish if you move on and accept that he’s gone and never comeback . So focus on you now. Whatever gone is not meant to be. Okay? Love yourself the most and do some self care to make you feel better. I promise it’ll get better. You’ll and your life will get better.

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How week is the world getting. I always hv a feeling of plenty. Three break up already, its always another chance to meet new ppl. Humans like changes and break ups are source of it. I feel Just changing the attitude makes lots of difference…


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