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This is something new to me and its bothering me. I’ve never been conscious with my weight not until what I found this morning. Im never actually worried whether I gain or lose weight. I’ll be glad if I gain more weight. But I never expected I’ll be losing this much. Im 5’3 and my weight used to be in a range of 46-50kg but now it turned 42kg and its definitely not okay to me.

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It depends on your age. It’s not only the height and weight. Age also maters. I used to be 5"2 (157cm) and barely 35 kg. Then puberty hit me and now I’m 20 kg heavier. Genes can also play a part in this. If one of your parents is skinny, you might have the same case. But if you are still worried, you should check in with your doctor. Being underweight is more trouble than good. That’s why I don’t mind my weight anymore


see losing or gaining weight is not the problem…as long as your healthy its fine…if you feel like you want to gain weight…do eat healthy meals not junks…eat food which contain ghee,milk etc( if you do not have problem with dairy products)…drink plenty of water and most importantly exercise


Hey…If you are looking for gaining weight then focus on these things:
1. Quality and quantity of food
2. Capacity of your digestion system
3. Control your consumption

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