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Saisha @saisha

This is so weird. It won’t even make sense to anyone but I have thought about this since the day I got my dog home. I love him so much that I literally sometimes regret getting him home sometimes only because now there’s this life that I care about so much, I get literal aches when I think about how he’ll eventually die one day. He’s only 2 right now but I already feel paranoid. The first time he got high fever, I literally started crying. I feel so weird that I think like this sometimes

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Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

I know how it feels . I lost mine in the beginning of this year. I cried hard and was really depressed due to it.


I lost my dog, Fluffy, 2 years back. The feeling which you get, it’s not weird. You do get attached to the lil pup and they become the most important being in your life. The bond and connection you develop with them is unmatchable.


Pure love <3


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