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One Sided LoveThought


This is PART 3 of my story titled Rejection…
This is smallest part of the story.
If you haven’t read other parts of story then plz do read them as they all are in strict continuation…
So here it begins…

Yes I messaged her on 26 Aug 2017.She replied normally and we talked for a short time. She
replied only to my questions she didn’t ask any questions. Next morning I got a good morning
message from her I thought that she had something for me in her mind. That day I talked the
whole day to her telling her all my activities. She told me that she is ill and is at home. She also
send me some pics of her hand which were medicated. I saved her no as P and showed her
chats to my college friends.One of my friends mistakenly messaged I love you to her and she
replied shockingly “Kya Sir? “
I asked one of my friends what to do. He told me that tell her that it was true and see her
reaction. I indirectly asked her that how she felt when she saw this. She said very bad and
became angry. She told that “Meri nazron me aapki kuchh izzat h hm nhi chahte wo izzat km
Things became clear to me. She didnt like me anyhow. All my efforts were wasted. But my mind
was relaxed as the confusion was cleared.
Later on I compensated by telling her that the message was sent by mistake.The talks
continued only to see that I was blocked the next day.
Yes I was BLOCKED for the first time in my life.
I called her by my other no which was answered by her elder sister. I muted the call. Later on I
received a call from her in which she told that her elder sister has seen our chats and told her to
block me.I was panicked. She blocked my second no also on whatsapp.
I asked on call “unblock krogi”,she told that she is going to quit whatsapp.
I SMSed her that “Hme tumse ye umeed nhi thi”
She unblocked me and asked the reason for sms and again blocked me. Things became worse
when she got to know that I have told one of my students that she has failed.She unblocked me
to show her anger and then again blocked me.Since then I am blocked.
Today I m writing this stuff two and a half months after that incident…
N I am very sad that I haven’t seen her since 6 August…
She has deactivated her whatsapp and I think she doesn’t want to see me that’s why God is not
making any such consequence.
She has changed her number.
I am reliving everyday by remembering what had happened a year before…
My birthday,picnic,n all other moments
On enquiry many people tell that she comes to school and blah blah…
But being just 500 m from her house I haven’t seen her…
I have realized that due to pain my love for her is increasing…
I am loving her much more than Before…
Distance makes love perfect…
Every tym I hear ajaan in a mosque…
I pray to Allah that I may get her…
Please God I really love her…

While writing this part of story I was crying and assumed it that she is gone and never return…
But much worst happened which I’ll tell you in part 4…

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