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One Sided LoveThought


This is PART 2 of my story which I have gave title Pyaar se pehle ki kashmakash.
If you haven’t read part 1 then go to my profile as this part is in continuation
Here it begins…

Yes a teacher should not propose her student…
But love has no limits.There was a small age gap between us.Afterall I am a young boy before
being a teacher and I also have a heart which was now hers.I listened adhm title track at least
500 times in her memory.
A couple of days later I decided to propose her by going to her school.But my friends stopped
me from doing so just to maintain TEACHER STUDENT Dignity.I also convinced myself as it
was her board exams time.1 feb was her bday and on 5 feb I randomly messaged her.She
replied me back.
We had a healthy conversation but she stopped replying me as soon as I told my desire to meet
her.I was astonished and deeply hurt.
Finally the board exams came and 17 apr was the day for the Maths exam.On 14 apr her friend
who had liked me proposed me and I ignored.But i talked to her friend daily on fb.
Jst aftr the maths exam got over,I received a msg saying hii and to my surprise it was hers(my crush).I was
surprised.I replied back and we talked on call that day.That was the day I felt that she has
something for me in her mind that’s why she had messaged.
On 18 apr she met me nearly after 4 months and I was very happy to see her.It was a beautiful
On 30 apr her friend planned a trip and we went together to different places in my city.She along
with her 3 friends and me enjoyed together at Parks,Restaurants etc.That day I became more
familiar with her.It was one of the most memorable moments of my life to walk with her hand in
hand.I asked some personal questions about her life and she told me that there is nobody in her
life.I lied to her that I had an ex and I am trying to save my relation.It was a dream come true for
me to roam on Lohia Path with her on bike.The day was a memorable one and the group
promised to watch half girlfriend movie together.I thought that from now onwards my daily talks
with her will start and in this mean time I will propose her as the teacher student relation is now
finished and friendship had started but a single message didn’t came.
She didn’t text.I also not texted.Ego won.
Finally the movie day came.I only talked with her friend about the plan and not a single word
was exchanged between me and her about the plan.The plan was cancelled and I watched the
movie with two of my male friends.
I talked daily with her friend as I was her crush.I was providing her which my crush couldn’t
provide me.I also became angry on her for not coming with me on the movie day.
She became lost somewhere.She remained only in my memory.I listened adhm title more and
more in her memory.The song Tu hi hai of half gf also meant for her only.I tried keeping myself
distracted from her memories by putting my mind in other things.But no sooner did anything
came related to her my mind became upset.
Her boards result day came.After a couple of days I messaged her to know about her result.She
replied that she has got nominal percentage.I asked her exact percentage after which she
stopped replying…
In extreme anger,I blocked her.
Every girl here and there looked like her to me.
I burnt all my possibilities that I will ever get her.
After a few days I came to know that she has failed in boards and is repeating class 10th.I
became very upset when I got to know this.
My talks with her friend continued.
Somedays later I got a msg from her sister to go for a movie with them.I was rejoiced as I got a
chance to see her again and prove myself.The plan was cancelled again and to much await the
plan became successful one week later.<br>
Yes mubarakan was the movie which was planned.We decided to meet at 12 AM near their
school and I saw her their nearly after 3 months.I was very happy from my heart.My eyes filled
with anxiety as soon as I saw her.She reacted normally and we proceeded forward.This time we
were heading towards phoenix and the tickets were not booked.We reached their late and the
movie missed.She told me her desire to eat pizza and despite opposition from her friends I
agreed.I was brightened to see her happy.We ate together and clicked some pics together.<br>
I was agreeing on each of her points so as to make her realize that I care for her.We proceeded
towards Wave to see the movie.She denied to sit on my bike.How can she?<br>
I was astonished and her sister sat with me.In the whole journey she kept her scooty away from
my bike I dont know why.We reached wave and for 6 people the tickets were 3 groups of
2.Then all of them asked that who will sit with me.She kept asking me that who will sit with
She said “Are yha to kitni ldkia h kisi ko b baitha lijiye”.<br>
After so much of hesitation I told her that I want to sit with her.I was disheartened to see the
expression of ignorance on her face.But at the end she said yes.Yes we sat together in a
movie.She was sitting besides me and that was one of the best moments of my life to sit with
my crush.She kept laughing on lame jokes and I laughed unintentionally so as to please her.As
soon as the interval came she said to me that she wants to sit with her friend.<br>
We came out of theatre.She told me desire to buy popcorn.Again despite opposition from her
friends I agreed.I was making every possible attempt to impress her.I was thinking that “Jo
tum kahogi wo hoga”.After the interval the girl who had proposed me sat with me.I realized
that I m more comfortable with her as I talked to her daily.The movie demised and we
returned.She parted ways in midway and I reached the coa.After sometime I was shocked to
see her outside the coa.She asked me where were the rest.The coa staff thought that she came
to meet me and she is my girlfriend.But the truth was something else.<br>
Yes the truth is that she comes to these tours so as to enjoy with her friends.She has nothing to
do with me.She has no place for me in her heart.The proof is that She never messaged me ever
to ask abt these tours.Second proof is that in the tour she showed no interest in my talks.Either
she regards me of very high level thats why she is jealous of me or she dislikes me.
After nearly 20 days of this tour, no message came from her that increased to my
This time I decided to MESSAGE her…

Here comes end of PART 2…
The story will continue in PART 3

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