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Sansthita @sansthita

This is for everyone who is not feeling good today. I was once told by someone who was very close to me in terms of bloodline, ‘What is there in you, to appreciate? Be thankful that you are not criticised’. I was just 15 then. FYI I was and still am a more or less capable and meritorious student who would get certificates of academic excellence in at least three subjects out of five, every year. Another time, someone else told me that I wasn’t pretty enough for men to love me because I don’t have a milky white skin (I am middle-toned) and I will end up only being used by them. This was something that I always heard and I still hear. Lol. Fast forward to 1.08.2021, yes I am still happily single and 19 years old (men didn’t find me attractive I guess XD), I am still a capable student, pursuing BSc psychology hons at a reputed University and hoping to make this world a better place. Moral- no matter what you do, some people will always be unhappy and will belittle you, because they themselves are struggling with issues. Tell them to raise their hands if they like you, and to raise their standards if they don’t 😜😜. There is a lot of beauty in all of us, we are all glistening diamonds and sometimes we shine so much that it blinds the person who is seeing us. It’s ok if they don’t like you, it speaks volumes of their mentality.You my friend are still beautiful. Go ahead and keep shining. Explore yourself my darling, there is a lot of fire still burning in us Love and hugs.

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