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Afreen @afreen

This is for every teenager please don’t get into a physical relationship with anyone you know for a short period of time or anyone who is forcing you to be in.
I see my juniors boyfriend tell them to be physical with them otherwise he will breakup.
A good and healthy relationship is much more and beyond having sex with your partner.
Sex should be the last thing in the relationship.
And even if you are having a physical relationship or so called ‘hookup’ just be careful and safe and please use protection and contraceptive.
There are cases when guys don’t want to use protection,please don’t get carried away.
Take your time even if you are a young teenager and dating.
Wait till you are 18 and mature enough.
You really don’t know how your body will react.

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I fell like everyone is ready at a different age. Yeah teen sex is bad, but I started at 16 and I was ready. Knowing you’re ready is so crucial. If you feel like you aren’t, you just aren’t.


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