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this is actually hard when u wanna get over it but something really stops u
I have a friend ( we are more than friends), we stay far away from each other, like really far and it been so hard for us to maintain this friendship, I love him to be honest but he really doesn’t understand what he is doing to me, I don’t wanna use this word but he is toxic, I know he is scared of losing me, but he can not do what he wants, he was the reason for my anxiety, depression and he was the reason why I wanted to suicide, I want to feel him every minute and want that love but he really doesn’t get me and is not at all understanding, he makes me feel that my existence sucks and I don’t have to be in this world anymore.
what am I suppose to do?

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Hey I’ve experienced what you’re going through rn but the only difference was that my boyfriend was my neighbor even he was very toxic but he called it “love and protectiveness” I loved him a lot but gradually he became more and more toxic and it affected my mental health. I couldn’t leave him cause of love but I felt trapped and suffocated in our relationship but then I realised that I was worth much more than the way he treated me and I forced myself to breakup and after some hard days I started feeling good and relieved. I’m not telling you to break up or anything but I think WE ALL DESERVE MUCH MORE THAN SOME LAME ASS TOXICITY and lemme tell you one more thing that when love turns into toxicity then it’s not love anymore you are just telling your brain to accept the lie. I think you should think over and take a proper decision after all it’s your life and you should live it your way.
I hope this helped!


hey this means a lot to me, thank u soo much


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