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this is a really weird thing for me to be saying, but i honestly don’t know what to ask and i just need some help.
im a 14 year old girl, i haven’t had my first kiss yet. i used to talk to older guys on the internet, i’ve seen dick pics, sent photos i regret, and talked about some really weird sexual things with them.

with that being said, a lot of my friends are getting into relationships. and i’m finding out that a lot of them are getting fingered and eaten out by their boyfriends. i honestly couldn’t imagine getting comfortable enough with anyone to be able to let them do that to me. i think it’s the sweetest thing, but i could never imagine a guy doing that for me.

i honestly can’t even picture finding a guy i would be comfortable enough to have my first kiss with. it’s so fucking weird and i don’t know what’s wrong with me. sex and relationships don’t interest me like they used to. i read a lot of romance novels and i love imagining being that girl in the book who finds the perfect guy for her.

also after talking with a lot of guys who were older than me, i understand all of them were creeps, i can’t see guys my age the same. i also just don’t really see young men the same.

i just need some help forgiving it out

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figuring* it out

ansari @ghania

Dont worry as the time goes it will be okay and maybe you will change the way you think


It’s pretty normal , guys older than you will understand more , than guy with same age as urs will , so just go w the flow ;)

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M @mepaw

I guess you need to chill it out, it’s not as if you are 60 or 70, life will play out its path, shitty people may come and go, good people will stay. I mean I am elder to you and I’m still having the same problems you have.
Plus don’t go for older guys, they will just see you as someone to share pics with…they definitely won’t see you as someone they could date…

Rishabh @rish05

I know I’m a guy and you may not be comfortable with it, but if you’re okay with it I wouldn’t mind talking to you about it and maybe just reassuring you that there are better guys than you’ve talked to
You can disconnect anytime you feel like, such as if I push anything


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