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This is a rant. I have a cousin I can’t stand. He is almost 40, unmarried(because he wanted only a “fair” girl), doesn’t even look good himself but thinks he does because he has comparatively fair skin(Yup it’s a thing in South India), financially unstable, has loan for god knows what. He only sticks around our family so he could get some financial aid. My dad has tried to help his family a lot in every aspect in the past but their whole family believes in doing nothing and mooching off from other’s hard earned money.
To top all of this, he forcefully hugs me (I am a grown ass woman now not 4 year old anymore). I have only seen this guy during vacation and he just ran into me after so long one day. Since then I avoid any kind of physical touch while he tried his best to get hold of me. (He is unmarried and he keeps saying how beautiful my mom is! and I am an exact copy of how my mom looked when she was young. Creepy AF)
Once my mom was getting ready to go for a relative’s wedding and he says “Omg the groom would misunderstand you to be the bride” barfff The groom was my cousin younger to me and this sick bastard said that! Ewwww!!
He doesn’t go to work saying he has some back problem (pretty sure from slouching all day). He eats all the food, is always here at my home, has no pride or self respect whatsoever. For fuck’s sake leave my sight! I can’t wear shorts because I don’t trust his lustful eyes. If any guests come over, he wouldn’t show the min. decency of fucking off elsewhere. He will sit right there passing comments, eating all the food and interfering in between our conversations. I hate his guts. I tried one day not to hate him so much by talking to him after a long time and this asshole taunts me saying “You should work sometimes”. I am in IT and I am currently the only earning member of my family and I work my ass off all day unlike him who only sits around and begs my dad to set him up with a business so he can mooch off my dad’s money.
I would have ignored all of this he wasn’t such an entitled dick. Has no qualifications and stability and only talks crap all day but expects a fair good looking girl to marry him. Won’t leave my house even if it’s 10PM in the night. His mom is also the same only 10x annoying. So it was my sister’s b’day and his mom came here out of nowhere. My mom gave her a slice of cake and another one because she asked for more. Then she demands my mom to pack her cake for her ungrateful family members. The fuck!? There was only a piece left which was for me so mom told her she can’t. This ungrateful evil woman goes to our maid to bitch how we don’t care for her family! As if her husband is the duke of Edinburgh and we have disrespected his fucking majesty!
Years of helping their entire family yet they come and have the audacity to complain.
Ughh you guys he breathes and it pisses me off. I hate his entire family. How can all of them be the same! How can you be so careless! All these years and they got nothing!? Dad opened up so many opportunities for them yet they only want to sit back, take loans and expect God to just come and pay the debts.
I am not this petty usually. I don’t use words like Ewww or barf for people. But this family just gets on my nerves. And my father is a really amazing human being. He still helps everyone. These snakes though! I would rather happily help a poor person who is trying to do something with his life. I know if my dad give him money he would spend that lavishly and come back crying for more money.
Aunt and uncle did no work during their time because my grandpa had left them with money. They have two kids and both of them are in their 30s now. Are you telling me that all these years they couldn’t save up? They get pension from the govt. as well. I don’t believe a family can’t survive on this and can’t plan things better.
How do I protect my family from these leeches? He is my father’s sister’s son.

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riddle @riddle

I won’t suggest u on what u should do.
Instead I would tell u what I would do if I was in the your shoes.

I would have protected my family by keeping such people as distant as possible. Also I believe in helping people who really need and want my help. Definately not someone who aren’t even willing to help themselves.

Some relationships are not just worth keeping.

All the best.


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