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This evening in a chatroom some girls were talking about BTS, 3 boys joined them they admitted that they also liked BTS, I was also there online but given that i dont know much about that band apart from their struggle i kept my mouth shut,
There were some more boys, they consider me their friends ( and i dont even wanna be their one of the known people) ,these boys started being derisive and judging those boys who liked BTS and called me gay. I just wanted to see how judgmental these boys can be, nothing really bummed me until they said " true masculine person" will never like BtS, this comment really got under my skin.
I mean why do people have lots of misconceptions about masculinity, why would anybody try to connect these things with something that has nothing to do with it. Today Did have to be a part of that quibble, not because of just to debunk their false notion if masculinity,but i have read BTS’s struggle. If you dont like their songs or listen to them ( just like me ) fine …
But dude only if you could know the h’!! They went through.

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