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This COVID sht. Makes my life so fuxking hell.

I feel I’m in JAIL!!

My parents is killing me.

I’m tired to understand them, ITS SO FUCKING HARD!!!


Post anonymously?

Hi !! Every one of us felt this at some moment of quarentine . We may love the people but when we are spending our complete time with them we wil get irritated . We can not move out now because of covid we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones too . You can find yourself more in this time . You can develop your skills . Follow some pages which will make you lern more about self love . You may stay with your parents but spend more time by listing music , arts , books , pets , gardening or whatever you are interested in . Help them too . You can build yourself you can also be close to your parents. Learn intresting things and tell to them . Talk some time to people who are close to you we are also one of that u can talk to us if u want to . Be happy dear !


I understand. There are times when we feel like they are not understanding our view points and what we try to explain isn’t making a difference on them.
In this Covid, we have to stay indoors because of which everything get’s build up and it becomes tuff to resist and we wish to go out and calm our mind.

But, you have to make yourself understand that this is the way it is and I only have to change my mind from it. How can I work differently without letting their words harm me or overpower my mind. Everyone’s parents are different and even if we try there are slight chances that they become open and become understanding. My parents too are rigid in somethings which I try to change but I know that’s not going to happen so rather than spending time on that I have ACCEPTED the fact and moved on and ignore those things.


I tried spending time with them and building a stronger relationship with them but whenever we don’t have money and nothing to eat they push us away, they blame us for having this kind of life. They regret having US. I understand what they’re feeling but sometimes I’m getting tired of it. I don’t know sometimes I just want to end myself just to show them and make them realize that WE ARE ALSO A HUMAN BEING! We have FEELINGS! The person that must be the proudest must BE THEM! But no they are ashamed of having us. It hurts so bad.

I love kpop, it is my escape to the real world. But they tell me harsh words about the thing I love the thing that gives me hope. Idk.

But thank you for giving attention, sometimes I just wanna be heard. Thank you. Stay Safe!


I too get tired of them and just want to leave and live alone. I too sometimes feel like they can’t say those things to me, I am their child.
It hurts, I do cry.

I also talk to myself about everything and then say that I have to do all this till the time I live with them after that life will change. I have accepted that I need to ignore them on some things and just let it be.
I suggest you do the same and over a period of time you’ll learn and be able to handle it. 😃


Dear ell,
Have you talked to your parents? I recall telling you that they’re idiots, and it’s obvious you agree. Those bastards are just all up in your life, huh? Okay, well, tell them that you hate the way they treat you. Tell them that they’re making you feel terrible. We can all agree that Covid - 19 is horrific. What I like to do is listen to music and type. That may just be me, but it’s calming and it erases your troubles. Especially when my family is being terrible. I like to write about lifes of people who have it worse than me (Or something bad that could happen to one of my friends, but in the form of a different person, if that makes sense), but you may like writing a story about someone who couldn’t have a better life. Write it in first person POV, and it sinks you into the idea that that person is you.
Hope these ideas helped!

Best of luck!


I do really want to tell them that but we are not allowed to answer because they think it is disrespectful (A TOXIC FILIPINO TRAIT)

I can’t write good things about family, because I never experienced it.

I love them so so much!!! But it hurts seeing someone that you love seeing that they push you away because they regret having you and blaming you for what life they have now.

Idk, I always think what is the thing i did before why did I born with this kind of family? Maybe I have so much sins before.

I think this is my Karma.

Thank you anyways! Thank you for reading this and giving time to comment down! Please be safe.


Dude, move away as soon as possible. Stay safe to you too. ✌🏾