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Shreyansh @srt

This all is full of depressing people, everyone’s life is phucked up and they are giving gyan… Like ye kro vo kro
A normal person would also feel depressed here. 😐

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sid @sidsingh

Advice Dena free hai . Har koi de deta hai. Paid hoga to, jise Dena chahiye wo bhi nahi dega

Shreyansh @srt

Vahi to yr, I’ve just posted my thoughts here and koi human/bot aya or bola take a deep breath… I’m like bhai I am just expressing my thoughts, mene solution nahi manga, mai khush tha fr usne mujhe dara dia. 🥺

sid @sidsingh

It happens. No one can understand what we want. Sometimes we both are right but having different perspective. In such case, just ignore.

Rajesh Ranjan @rajesh_941

close your eyes…deep breaths…count 10 to 5…4…3… 2… 1…

hope you felt better. ❤️


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