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Things have been very hectic in my marriage… I have been thinking about divorce for a very long time… And me and my husband have spoken about it a lot… But lately we have both not been mentioning it even tho things are still going the wrong way…

So for my husband’s birthday I planned a travel we have both been talking about before we got married… I booked the flight tickets, then life happened my economy got hit before I had a chance to book the hotel… Today I thought to myself that the best thing to do is probably to talk openly with my partner about it ( I know he was excited, I didn’t wanna make him sad but communication is key right?) so I was gonna ask him if he could just lend me half the money… I didn’t even get a chance to explain myself he said “let me guess, you don’t have money and now I have to pay for my own birthday travel huh? If you don’t have money don’t buy me gifts you can’t afford, I don’t need these travels and gifts you keep giving me… Don’t wanna sound ungrateful but keep your money”

I feel so hurt… And stupid… He never really payed a travel for me or planned a surprise for me… And here I am going out of my way to make him happy over and over again to hear “keep your money”… I am starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just go with a friend… Cause how can I even enjoy the travel with him after what he said…

I feel like if he meant this in a nice way… It just wasn’t the way nor the moment to express this…

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screamferocious... @happyme16

that was so rude…
I think you should really divorce him…


Don’t step into it directly.
We don’t know the situation from other person what he is going through right. But he cannot be rude that’s true.
Plan something that is with in your budget.
There will be many solutions to a problem so don’t take wrong decision buddy

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screamferocious... @happyme16

You do have a good point.

Sanket @sanket

Well if the financial situation is unbalanced then luxury such as vacation can be avoided…


May b his economy too is hit and he was in tension wen u asked him the money?? Nayb thats y he reacted like though it was wrong… He cudve said it in a better tone


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