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Noor @bxbumblebee

They don’t see you, not really.
The person you are, the person you were
The human you’ve grown to be.
No one cares, no one wants to, in reality.
It’s the body they see
How your smile looks,
How big your waistline grows,
The fat on your cheeks,
And the length of your hair,
Whether or not your skin has become fair.
They don’t see you,
They only see how courtable you are.
They see an object to be shown off,
Whether you’re capable of being thrown around.
They want to see you lose your light,
So they can fully break you
Just to see how much you can take,

-Just to see how far you’ll fall.

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Swotter @kskarthik

Aren’t you counting two things here. In first part people only see the appearance than the person behind the body. Second part deals with how they can play with the actual person. Am I wrong?


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