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These past few weeks I’ve been having the same dreams every day, It’s always either someone comes and hugs me or I’m hugging someone, it has gone from friends to random people I’ve like met like once in my life to celebrities I admire. It’s so weird lol
These dreams have been feeling very real every time I wake up I lowkey wanna cry cuz it feels so emotional, today instead of dreaming of someone hugging me I had a dream that I hugged a friend of mine who was crying who knows why. I can feel the warmth of every hug and it feels very strange. Also outside of my dreams, I’ve also received a few hugs from people I met after a long time. Which is weird bc I don’t tend to hug people or let them hug me lol. Idk does anyone know why I could be having these dreams, I’m just curious, or if you’ve ever had something like this happen to you idk.

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Okay, here’s a cute hug 🤗🤙


lol hahahahaha thanks

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