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Prakhar @pj4

These days i am using too much phone and talking to people on calls due to this i am not able to study properly . Today i left my class due to calls. How to focus on studies? And how to remove or manage these diatractions?

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anuzz @anuzz12

Give your phone some rest

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Mahak @mhk04

Let’s take it simple its not that easy 1st thing make a window where u allow yourself to talk with friends not all the time and then practice not using phone early in morning and slowly reducing ur screen time
Ig this may work ☺️

Harshit @harshjeet

Always remember one thing
You can’t be consistent without strategy. That’s why make a study plan and create alarm according to it in your phone. We you sit for studying set a timer according to you and don’t do anything else until the timer stops.

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