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These days i am taking a lot of peer pressure into my head. I usually don’t post any kind of stuff in Instagram because I feel I am just not good at doing that sort. But when I just check out my friends I get these insecured feelings, i feel like i m left out i hardly had friends and i feel soo empty inside and have no life. And coming to my academics i usually try and do upto my capabilities but my proffessors here in college just gives remarks out loud in the class and sometimes these remarks go personal. I feel dumb infront of my class. I am obviously not soo good at my social life and situations with teachers in class always makes me feel like a unimportant person. I just feel sad, anxiety when i think about my college life. I try hard to fit in delhi but i feel like i m losing myself, I was not all at all like this in school. I was brave, smart, enthusiastic but delhi changed everything I lost my confidence, sense of pride about myself. I just don’t know how not to take this peer pressure. I don’t talk often anymore, i spend sleepless nights over thinking about everything in my life, I am unable to enjoy small and real things. I just miss myself.

Post anonymously?

Dear Anonymous,
What’s the matter with Delhi? Also, Instagram is dumb. In my opinion, at least. I think everyone misses themself. This is a common feeling. I hope your life gets better.

Best of luck.


Life in delhi is hard, the culture, the language is totally new to me. I feel I don’t belong in there. I try hard evaryday to fitin there.


Hi, I’m not in college but high school and I suffer from the same problem. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and my motto is to keep on going cause there’s a list at the end of every tunnel.🌞


I meant ‘light’ at the end of every tunnel.