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There’s this guy I was best friends with, ever since I told him I’m going abroad, he had stopped talking to me, and I don’t know what’s wrong. We had a good bond, we’re in the same college, I tried to call him but he didn’t answer, frankly sometimes it hurts, this asshole promised to be there for me forever and now he’s gone all of a sudden, I have done so much for him and he’s least bothered.

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Renata @renataismyname

I can’t say what he might be thinking or feeling, but being an avoider of suffering myself, it sounds like he is too scared to be hurt by your departure. Granted, it is a bit cowardly to do so, but I can relate to that attitude. I’m sure you are hurting, and it really sucks that he is doing this, there is no excuse, but maybe trying to understand can help you forgive. It will still hurt, but empathy can almost make it okay. Have a fun time abroad, find new and kind people and trust the cosmos.


hes scared of getting hurt but hes showing it in the worst way. him trying not to get hurt is hurting you so let him know that. tell him if he wants to stop contacting you then at least let you have your final goodbye. what hes doing isnt fair for you or for him.

Sanket @sanket

You are going away and this is hurting him, he is having that sad feeling of someone going away which hurts. You need to keep communicating him, assuring him because this is a big turning point


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