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There’s quite a lot going on in my head, sometimes I badly want to vent out but at the same time I don’t have the energy to do so.

Most of the times, I don’t feel like making conversations, the zoom n team calls seems frustrating because I need to speak or respond, I have WhatsApp msgs piled up to which I have not replied back from a month or more but at the same time I feel I have nobody to talk whereas m I the one distancing from everyone else.

People don’t see the difference in me cz I’ve always been the shy and introvert type but deep down I know a lot is changing, m getting reluctant and oblivion to everything around me. M losing my interest, feel like a dull soul.

I just don’t know what is it that I like now, I tried going bk to the things I once used to like but that’s not helping.

Do you have any suggestion me for on what can change the my perspective towards life ?

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I wish I could take a break, m caught up on things which are quite important to deal with right now. Just wishing all of this to end soon so that I can start fresh but many thanks, you took out time to read my long nagging post. Appreciate 👏🏼


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