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There’s a horrible feeling in my chest whenever something goes wrong. I always used to keep it in, not telling anyone because I hate showing anyone I’m vulnerable. My mom is supportive but I hate that she has to be strong even if it might devastate her. I feel almost always on edge, stressed, anxious, angry at myself for not being good enough. I always question if I deserve anything or anyone’s support. I always compare myself to others, hating on myself. I cry it out and it gets better for a while, but that feeling never goes away. I think I need help, but don’t know whats wrong with me.

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Hey man … why do you feel like that?

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my dad and real aunt are in relationship but they r pretending as they r not i know this since a month and i cant do anything about this .
on the other hand my dad is behaving aggressively that i caught everything up and showed it to my mum and the things are going worse now


Im going through the same thing and I honestly believe that all this rage and anger inside of u is because u kept keeping it in for so long


Hey hey hey calm down bro!
Its alright.
You are great.
Sometimes life doesn’t goes in that way in which it should be. I know you and your mother are working really hard. If something bad happens, it is not your fault. You are doing your best.
You are the best
Don’t think like that you dont have anyone who supports you, i dont know you but i know you can do everything!πŸ’œ you are great.
Just try to love yourself!πŸ’œ
As mostly of us are in our teenager age group and in our 20s, so hormones also play major role in this frustation and all.
just be happy, find different reasons for yourself to make you feel good
Do whatever you love
do your best with taking rest
At lastly ,
I trust you, I support you.
If you are doing your work hardly and honestly, the whole world will support you
πŸ’œ all the bestπŸ’œ


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