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There was a time when my sister in law was admitted in the corona suspect ward just after delivery. My family was scared and hopeless. I remember my mom was wandering here and there for nothing, and I don’t know what was going in her head. She wasn’t in her senses. Thank God everything became good later. My present condition is reminding me of that tym. From some days back, I am behaving same like my mom was behaving. The difference is that I look so calm and composed from outside. No… the reason is not the same my mom had. I think I’m searching for some rays of hope. Or may be I’m only hoping for this tym to pass soon. I don’t exactly know what to do in my life now as everything feels shattered. If it was just a breakup, I would have moved on. But it seems a failure of some kind. I feel lost. My own emotions made me go through this.

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anuj @anujvohra

Hop you become a strong version of yourself. Stay balanced.good luck


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