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There is this guy he is my close friend since college started he is the one person i can call anytime in time of need and he would be there. We had been quite close lately and since his birthday i feel more than a friend for him. But he is in relationship so i can’t do anything about it. Worst thing is that i have to face him daily and work together on project. I don’t know what i am feeling and what I should do about this…

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Pushkar @pushkar254

If he is in relation ship then you need to control your emotions. When working with him just concentrate behind his head and try to avoid eye contact. You will be in control of your message mind

Muskan @muskan02

Thanks for the advice ☺️

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Pushkar @pushkar254

You r welcome

Vmsingh @babayaga177

I suggest you to be patient and just wait

Goutam Sehgal @cool_dude

Thanks for advice you are good adviser

love10 @love1010


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