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There is something to be said about being appreciative and grateful yk whether you’re thanking god, or life or whether you’re looking to a person in your world and just saying thank you. There’s something really special about that… i mean, there’s something very real about moments where you can just be by yourself, and look at your life and just say thank you, yk thank you for this gift thank for this ride that i’m on thank you for this journey and a lot of people go through their life without experiencing the beauty of these moments. your life, although perhaps filled with many imperfections is still an experience… it’s an experience that people in their final moments would do anything just to grasp onto for a little while longer…Can you imagine as you read this there are people who are having their final breaths on this planet looking back at their lives and wishing they could’ve done more. Meanwhile we have this experience, we are alive, breathing air, our hearts are pumping, our brain is doing billions of operations per second just to make us feel alive. We can’t find reasons to be grateful for that??
There’s an entire spectrum of life that you’re missing out on when you don’t take moments to just feel…Just feel for the sake of being alive…

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