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There is girl named jyotsna.
She was born in a family that is influential and powerful. But it is good from out and much and much cruel from inside
She was born just to be used. From her childhood to till now there is no one who is nice to her. In her family everyone used to molest and harrass her even her mother and father too.
She was their only biological and legal daughter.
She was home tutored and gave her only permission to write exams.
She used to study really well but she canโ€™t participate in any events she got.
She has a own mobile. Tried calling many members for help but no use even the police canโ€™t do anything.
Every time she asked for help she used to get hospitalized due to things they do to her.
She suffered every minute. She lost hope for help. She grew up she is 11 years old now, as she was grew up they started injecting her estrogen injections for fast growth in her secondary organs. She used to face many side effects and then she started using more for their enjoyment. She was used all night and day. She soon got health problems and got huge influence from drugsโ€ฆ
She died at age of 15 .
She studied really well that she can rule the world with her capability.
She did nothing wrong.
She asked for help all her life but just because they are powerful she never got help and she lost her life
In her case her birth givers, the one who toutred her and the one who mudered her are same
After she lost concious and in state of dying that day, she was still used for hours. Later, she was burned with little soul in her body. She is alive burned.
Do you think any child will face this with her own parents and family?
Do you think 15 years she live was waste and cruelity she faced win?
All her life more than 50 to 60 people enjoyed her repeatedly .
Do you think it is justice?
This is a story of a girl. I saw her life with my own eyes
Do any one of you think she deserve it?
Can anyone tell why did this happened?
Can anyone answer?

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Ujjwal @ujjwals


From whom you want justice?

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The diffrence is she is legal child while i am there illegamate child
She is my sister
But i am lucky because i escaped at my 8 years while she remained there
They took me there too when she was dying
Can you see your sister dying cruely by your biological parents?
Yes, i am culprit too because i was there but canโ€™t even save her
I need to be punished too because as a brother i saw her suffer that much
You know i am not close to her from childhood but just she became one of the important persons in my life just in 2 years

Bliss Bound ๐Ÿ˜‡ @livingthen...


How do you know her? Have you tried to do something that could have helped her while she was alive?


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