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There is girl named jyotsna.
She was born in a family that is influential and powerful. But it is good from out and much and much cruel from inside
She was born just to be used. From her childhood to till now there is no one who is nice to her. In her family everyone used to molest and harrass her even her mother and father too.
She was their only biological and legal daughter.
She was home tutored and gave her only permission to write exams.
She used to study really well but she can’t participate in any events she got.
She has a own mobile. Tried calling many members for help but no use even the police can’t do anything.
Every time she asked for help she used to get hospitalized due to things they do to her.
She suffered every minute. She lost hope for help. She grew up she is 11 years old now, as she was grew up they started injecting her estrogen injections for fast growth in her secondary organs. She used to face many side effects and then she started using more for their enjoyment. She was used all night and day. She soon got health problems and got huge influence from drugs…
She died at age of 15 .
She studied really well that she can rule the world with her capability.
She did nothing wrong.
She asked for help all her life but just because they are powerful she never got help and she lost her life
In her case her birth givers, the one who toutred her and the one who mudered her are same
After she lost concious and in state of dying that day, she was still used for hours. Later, she was burned with little soul in her body. She is alive burned.
Do you think any child will face this with her own parents and family?
Do you think 15 years she live was waste and cruelity she faced win?
All her life more than 50 to 60 people enjoyed her repeatedly .
Do you think it is justice?
This is a story of a girl. I saw her life with my own eyes
Do any one of you think she deserve it?
Can anyone tell why did this happened?
Can anyone answer?

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just a pause @justapause

About her death i can’t answer but she struggled really hard
I knew the pain.
You know she suffered much but atlast she is lucky that she was died because no one can endure the pain
You know she faced many i believe she will face much more if she was alive
Sometimes a human can’t endure it.
I know that it is too cruel but i need to tell we need to accept the fact. She is really strong but at end it is not justice. Some people are just like that.
The pain we endure is really hard and not easy.
I wish her soul rest in peace.


Yes yaar
You know she was really great
Although she only lived 15 years she endured all the hardships
I really want to help her rest in peace
Her red eyes which are always filled with red colour, she never used to cry much. Her face is still reminding me of the greif.
You know i wish she is alive and i can take care of her.


U said the family of her is influential and powerful right. I guess they are rich already. Then why they did such a abuse of their own blood the daughter? I am happy that now jyotsna is in peace. Shayd bhagwaan se bhi nhi dekha gaya isliye usko jldi bula liya apne pass.😢😢
I’m still in shock after reading this…how can someone’s parents can do this kind of…😭😭😭😭😭


There are someone like that
Luckily i escaped from that mess
I want to kill each one of them.
I was just beside her watching but i can’t do anything. She is really brave to be alive till that day.
I suffer so much thinking about her
Thank you


I can understand ur emotions right now …i don’t know jyotsna and I’m feeling exactly like u but dear we have to be strong. Whatever u r feeling u can share on this app thoda better feel kroge. I have a qus if u can ans ki…her parents did all this torture to her just bcoz for the sake of money?


I have replied but it is under review…thode time me clear hoke aa jayega idhar…


There are already rich and powerful
Even i am their illlegimate son
I can’t understand why they do that to their own legal daughter if they are rich enough to hire workers who do that things i mean prostitues.
I wonder they don’t want their image to be spoiled so their desire was made to fulfill by their daughter as she is unwanted from first

Violates community guidelines
Violates community guidelines

That’s really make me full of anger that why they could do such things to their daughter yrr…itna emotionless and cruel koi kese ho skta h…father jo apni beti ko jaan se jyada sambhal kr rkhte h…mother jo apni beti ko hr situation k liye strong and independent bnati h how could they push their child into this kinda shit. That’s really on my mind…I couldn’t sleep properly thinking abt jyotsna’s pain and situation…its been very tough for u witness all this with helpless hands…


This is really horrible man, like how can someone especially her parents can do like that to her , she was just a small child ,sometimes feel n like this people also should die their deads horribaly ,they suffered an innocent person like that …such a shame .

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Yes, i wish
Maybe i will kill them myself
I love her so much
I live like hell after seeing what happened infront of me.
Seeing a sister in that position is really really hard


Are you safe there bro ? Protect yourself first. They did such inhumanity towards her. And she’s gone the arrowhead might point you. Be safe dear… And if possible contact much more higher authorities to rescue… And if you have got enough proofs go to the media with those evidences. Nowadays the fastest way to make people aware of things is social networking & media. Go reach there. You will be hugely helped
May God bless you dear🙌❤ and May her soul rest in peace wherever she is 🤍🤍

peppercorn @peppercorn



Nothing more
When i kill them i will update on same this app where i shared this story


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