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There is a guy with whom I was in relationship when I was 18 and you can say that he was my first love and I actually admired him a lot, but then one day he betrayed me…because of her ex as he wanted to continue his relationship with her not with me…in more precise way he chose her over me…and it’s absolutely fine with me…like if you have feelings for someone else then you should tell the other person…right?
But the thing is I asked him several times that if you still have feelings for that girl then you can leave me…but he didn’t and he even assured me that I am the only one whom he loves…but as I told you guys that he betrayed me and not even me he also betrayed that girl…her ex!
And now again he is trying to peek into my life!
And he is not the same person I knew…now he has become some kind of pervy person…who always talks about his sexual fantasies and all!

I am glad that he betrayed me !

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Don’t let him back in at all


its never about the physical things and stuff. I feel that you did good and dont let him come back :)


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