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there is a guy I love but he is thin and my best friend is insisting not to go out with him, what so I do??? its really frustrating !!!

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Why @whyamihere

Why does she insist on not going out with him ?

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Why @whyamihere

I highly doubt that’s the real reason …
And if you like him go for it.
Just because he’s skinny doesn’t mean you don’t date him
If the guy makes you happy please go ahead and date him.

Imagine if someone rejected you just because you’re too tall or too short too thin or too fat. How’d you feel ?


ykw it might sound harsh a bit but i don’t think you really love him if you have to ask this question it is humiliating imo. because if you really loved the guy you would’ve seen him beyond his weight and body.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Well, if you really love him, you won’t even care what others says about him. Also is it really matter! Skinny. I don’t get it.
Ps : time to check whether you love him or not!


If u see no red flags, GO FOR IT!!


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