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There is a girl that bullied me for 5 years and even suggested me to k*ll myself. I even got to a psychologhist, just to hear her say that I was suicidal. Some time passed, she is still really manipulative, ever since I first met her she even forces her voice to sound nicer. I even remember the day that I locked myself in a locker at school to stop her from bullying me, she forced the locker and somehow managed to get in, yet no one cared about me and some even shamed me for that. A while ago I started developing feelings for a boy and ever since then, she tries to manipulate him and her friends into believing she is “just like a boy” just to be closer with him. There is no way she actually is, since I know her for a long time and she never did this. They will probably get in a relationship soon, so I will move on, but I’m still questioning what is going to happen next. Being someone who isn’t lucky in both love and life, will I ever even manage to be together with a single person once? This question that wouldn’t even exist if my family was rich or I was a bit more talkative, now turns my dreams into nightmares. And all this people that turned these nightmares into reality are now getting appreciated by literally everyone around me. Even my family didn’t choose my side. What do I do?

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Sansthita @sansthita

Just hang in there, we all love you and you are a beautiful soul. You deserve that love that you want and I am manifesting that you get it. I am rooting for you, even if nobody else isn’t

Rosy @rosy1

The best is yet to come. Just wait for it. Stop questioning your worth and start doing something you like it will distract you from all the bad things.

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aprajita @aprajita09

Deal One thing at a time.calm down okay,life is hard for everyone,we all fight our battles dear,nothing comes easy and yes ppl would make it difficult.Read on internet how to deal with bully,I learned a lot from various videos.

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Lavander @catlover_meow

" Patience is the virtue"
One day another you will get a partner and that is for sure and i belive it. Plus right now focus on urself. Study and learn some new hobbies. Improve urself and give urself some self-love. Someone will see your beautiful soul and will not be getting manipulated. If u r strong enough then stand up for urself. Someone told me a quote regarding bully and i will really love to share it with you and share it later to other people who gets bullied bcuz bullying is bad.
" To bully you is their job, and to not get bullied by them is yours. So face them, fight back and bloody punch on their f**king face…"
Just hang in tight for now and concentrate on urself sweetie.


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