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There are two reasons why looks are everything and a true emotional connection can never happen-
1. People dont reveal their feelings completely to anyone. Even if they try, they cant express themselves.
2. People cant understand the feelings of another person even if he does manage to reveal them. They can only sympathize with you, maybe a show a little fake concern.

People who date for stuff like personality and a dozen other arbitrary concepts are simply delusional. Humans are so stupid that they can fool themselves into satisfaction.

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Secret @randomsaduser

You’re partially right I feel.
Yes we do notice attractive people more but that’s natural, ofcourse we’d want the bestest looking partner for us, right ?

But most people see the looks first and don’t look past that, if you connect with someone emotionally, gradually build your friendship and bond then attraction would only go up and up. I don’t think people actively build their relationship, i feel they just look at the face and drag the relationship till they’re bored with that face,
it takes daily effort to build love and stay in love.
And I’d say we’re delusional if we expect someone to love us without considering our looks at all, looks will always be considered but emotional connect is always the deciding factor if the relationship would last or not…


I’m a huge sceptic of ‘love’. I wont even argue with you, but looks indeed are everything. There is one aspect of human being you can experience, and that’s his looks.


Fcuk the looks man

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

They are literally the only thing which matters.


Not for me though
If i don’t connect or feel for you
Then what am I supposed to do with your looks ?
For a week , month it’s ok but then ?


If you think you can genuinely connect to someone you are being delusional. Read the two reasons in the post about why such a connection cant happen.


Even your delusion expose you. Looks can keep you satisfied for weeks. But you wont entertain an ugly guy for a second. So much for your ‘connection’


If you stop pitying yourself, and try it maybe you will find it yourself


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