Afreen @afreen

There are some things which have no solution it will remain as it is .
It’s only that you can change yourself,try different techniques/get used to it/avoid and focus on your goals.

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No one 111 @jarul

Exactly you can’t control anything but your life

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shiva kumar @shivavolley99

How extreme you would go for keeping up the relationship?

windy_howler @windy

If you reveal her past after breakup or after argument then Read more
Totured by everyone, even by closest ones.Just.. Maybe that'Read more

just a pause @justapause

Maybe this is my life.. Even i am giving joy to my mother anRead more
Very confused and dony know what to do
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Alishka @charmis_girl

Today my past memory have triggered that's surely wasn't good enough but that's not the thing because of me my mom and dad cried and guess what I feel like hell right now I want toRead more

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Aanya @_aanya_09

Sometimes u have to let go of that person whom u loved so muRead more

just a pause @justapause

Still searching for stars outside. But none.. I can feel pain both physically and mentally maa.... Did you atleast care? I am still outside waiting all to sleep. It's cold heRead more

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