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There are some days when life hits you with that reality or that side of truth which maybe you never want to face. Today was my day. Lowkey I knew everything beforehand but just hearing it today made me a bit uncomfortable and was hard to process. But I have to accept it no matter what. I wish if I can unsee those texts and certain things could change forever. I wish if it could just be a bad dream. There is a chaos in my mind today. And its not that it is the first time, constantly things show up this way. Change is the only constant and I fear it today .Pretending everything is fine and normal event tho it isn’t for you even 1% really sucks. At last it is your family that is your safe space after all and always gives you love and comfort no matter how much you try to find it outside your home. What do you guys do when reality hits hard on your face when you never expected it?

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Hey love,
I must say that you are absolutely correct Family is the only happy place we have got in our lives. Well the reality isn’t always great, it hurts and makes you cry your heart out but you still have to put on a smile so that your loved one’s doesn’t have to be in that situation. That’s called growing up I guess. I try to act normal all day and cry my heart out at night and hug my pillow to calm my self and I guess all of us do that at some point in our life but all we can do is let go off those emotions and feelings and move ahead in life as you said change is the only constant, this phase will also change and one day we would be happy and at peace with our life till then just hang in there buddy and feel free to share your thoughts and feelings here it does make you feel better. More strength to you ❤.


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