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There are no traffic jams along the extra mile
Roger Staubach

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Didnt understand the meaning of this, can you please explain:)

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Sure buddy!!
So there are 3 kinds of people in the corporate world today.
1st are the people who are more than happy with what they have, and can live their lives without making anymore efforts. If one is in this stratum he is ‘successful’ and does not need to worry about anything.
2nd being the people who are not at all happy with what they have and they spend the rest of their lives cursing people who they find responsible for their situation. We call them ‘UNsuccessful’.
The 3rd are strugglers, they are definitely happy with what they have but they have the hunger for more, the greed for more . They get to a certain level of success but their minds are hungry for more, they sleep at night telling themselves, “Hold up! I am at a great level, but my ambition is to do more.”  These people are the one who feel the need to do more! I know that sounds really obvious, but they do. They feel the need to go the extra mile.
What is extra mile!?
( Coming right up! )If you say that someone is willing to go the extra mile, you mean that they are willing to make a special effort to do or achieve something.
How to go the extra mile!?
(Heads up)
1.Continue doing whatever got you to where you are now;
2.Add to what you are already doing
(This is for those who want to go to the next level.  As we already mentioned, you will put in your normal day of work, at the office or out prospecting. After you get home for dinner, play with the kids or relax however you choose for a short while, put in more hours of work. There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.  You don’t have to worry about it being crowded at eight o’clock at night during your drive back to the office.  When you get to the office, there is not going to be anyone else in the building. I learned this truth from personal experience.

When you decide “to go the extra mile,” don’t kid yourself. “Going the extra mile” means you’re going to be working when other people are not working.  You’re going to be learning when other people are not learning. You’re going to be accomplishing things when other people are not accomplishing things.  If you do what everybody else does, you are average by definition.  Going the extra mile will set you apart from the “average” person.

If you really want to build your business, you must go through the building phase and then the monetization stage.  Perhaps you’ve taken both of these steps and are still not satisfied with your level of success.  Try doing  the thing that everybody else is not willing to do. Be willing to go the extra mile.)
‘Going the extra mile’ isn’t just subjective to the corporate world, it is applicable in all fields you can think of , from studying to rank in an entrance examination to taking care of your health to achieve a certain figure in the future. It can be short term or long term , from something as big as decades of hustling to achieve a certain standpoint to something as short as pushing yourself hard in the last lap of your field race and giving all of yourself in it.
From A to Z , life’s all about hustling.


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