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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

There are days when I feel so emotionally detached that it scares me. I completely block my feelings. No sensitivity,no emotions.

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Jahnvi Kumar @jahnvikumar

It’s completely okay to feel that way sometimes. However, try not to make it a habit. It can cause emotional numbing to a point that when you’d want to feel something, you wouldn’t be able to. Try seeking other forms of expression. Write down your exact feelings or maybe talk to a friend


I’m the same way. It’s difficult to break the loop.

Avni @avni

I understand what you mean , i truly do. Your mind just wants to protect you, thats all. Give a thanks to your mind and body for looking out for you but tell them, its not necessary right now, i want to experience this moment. Try grounding yourself, feet in sand, yoga. It will help you feel more in alignment with your body.


I am the same way.
I feel scared that i don’t hurt myself that’s why I detach myself with everyone i associate
But I feel when the right person will come in my life things will change.


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