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There are a million things I wish I could say to you. And at this point, this is probably the only way I can do that. I know you’ll never read this but it makes me feel better to put it into words.
Who knows, maybe one day it’ll somehow make its way to you. That’s not the intention, but it’s nice to think about.
I want to start by saying thank you. If I could have experienced anything like this with anyone, I’m glad it was you. You showed me how it felt to be appreciated and wanted and most of all, loved. You made sacrifices for me and stuck around when I got difficult. I know it’s cliche, but you really had me at hello. I still remember the first time you texted me and how my heart was pounding while the blood rushed into my cheeks. We stayed up til 3am and continued right on with our conversation early the next morning. I got so used to starting my day with your texts that it was hard when it stopped. You gave me something worth remembering and for that, I’ll always be

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But when it ended…it hurts the most i swear its the epitome of the worst feeling!


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