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There are a lot of posts about unrequited love here, rightly so. You seldom get closure from such a situation and this makes it difficult to move on.

The feeling of knowing that the person who you thought was perfect for you doesn’t feel the same way is destructive, to say at the least. Also doesn’t help when you’ve bonded so well over the time you knew each other and now you’re afraid to lose them altogether because your stupid heart just can’t take the message and move on.

Now you’re stuck, not being able to be happy for them when they’ve found somebody else and in the process, turn into a shitty friend. You know you need some time apart, a little distance; time heals all wounds they say but does it really?

You choose to keep them in your life and not cut them off like you would with anyone who is less deserving of your friendship. By doing so, you sign up for weeks of thinking about them everyday, wondering what might have been, what could have been if only you approached them differently from the start.

This sort of circular thinking is what I’m subjected to, or rather, subject myself to day in and day out with no respite. I’ve found that working on myself: learning a new skill, working out to get in better shape or reading helps me distract myself momentarily. This needs motivation and drive and my problem is that I can’t seem to fuel this drive over a sustained period of time.

Soon enough, I find myself falling down this rabbit hole which is increasingly difficult to pull myself out of. Doesn’t help that I’m stuck at home due to the current situation with not too many ways of distracting myself: going out and meeting other people, hanging with friends or literally anything that could help me take my mind off this.

I’m not sure if there is a single solution to this or a tried and tested method that works. Just felt like getting this off my chest and by typing this out, I do feel a little lighter. All your thoughts are welcome. Hoping to come out of this pandemic a newer, stronger and stabler me.

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i feel u …unrequited love hurts and i m still not able to move on …he does soo many bad things to me …the way he ignores is unrxpected …i m still not able to move on …for a while i m angry but after some hours i be like it was also my fault…i really understand how u feel and i guess best way for both of us is to know our self respect is more imp and move on…come lets try our best !


You just need to look at what you’re getting out of that relationship. If he does bad things to you and ignores you at times, cut him off. I know it’s easier said than done, but I wish I was in your place.
Being on really good terms with her and talking everyday only makes it that much harder for me to move on.


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