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No one 111 @jarul

There are 3 things killing the planet: Big Pharma, Mass consumerism and Governments not acting on reversing climate change. There is no life post this. Everyone I know either already is, or will be involved in future careers in these 3 problems. We are all killing the planet and if that thought doesn’t make you so much as shudder violently, because that is the mildest response to ALL LIFE ENDING EVERYWHERE, then you all deserve to die for real in 20 years. Think of the animals if nothing else. They’ve done nothing wrong. There IS NO LIFE AFTER THIS. THERE IS NO LIVING AFTER THIS. Like your bed of money and the rom com you think that your life is, is nothing without oxygen and little birdies and bees. Stop wearing denim for fucks sake if nothing else and stop using single use plastics. There is an energy crisis too so stop watching the telly too. Just let’s all start living in a shelter with titanium walls and solar powered appliances.

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Avni @avni

Well,if this isnt my inner voice obsessively worrying and panicking about the environment and humanity and the whole universe.


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