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Theek hai bhai. I don’t even have the energy to fight anymore . I really don’t understand if i feel the urge to meet why doesn’t the other person. I’m sick of this bhai. Sick of this shit . I really really want that person to miss me…how hard is it. Howww hard ?? Harr baar plan banake cancel kyu karta hai bhai. I really don’t see any valid reason for u to not be here apart from that terko nahi hona. Bhai kya drama hai yeh. It sucks to be the person who cares more , who wants to meet more , who wants time more… it isn’t that tough man. A man really realises ur worth when u stop giving him attention…ab be it bhai. I’m never gonna ask u to be here now. Never. Aana hai aa nahi toh na sahi bhai . Done with asking for it…u can be busy in ur work all the more u want . I am stepping up now… time attention nahi dungi khud akal aajayegi

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