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Rex Wrter @gaeds

The world becomes transparent in between the line between the insticts and-
Time becomes loose around the deepness of our gazes then-
A truthful view
A scenery of the ruins slowly shines
Wishes, promises, all in my core disintigrate

Selfishness like outlieing your thoughts-
And at the expense of your own cost
Which you explain by your shackled bonds-
Truly selfish isn’t it?

Her and him and even you
Ah- why won’t you set me just won’t you
Even time unveils itself within its own
Neither does it lie, neither does it bloom
Setting everything aside from that though,
It has an end, so do you?

I have been feeling a little down lately, I have come up with some lyrics but I have a feeling that I will never be able to write good enough to consider making it into an actual song.

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