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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

the way i used to say 'mammi pappa aaagye ’ shaam ko duty se, crying for one more hour to watch disney xd channel and imaging a lil cat robot like a doreamon with me,fighting with your sister for 1rs chocolate ,pretending to be asleep early in order to get extra free hours of playing next evening,pretending that iam not feeling well so that mamma could take me back to my home,bina wajh hasna bina wajh rona, mamma pappa bahar gaye to wait krna ki yaar kya laya aaj inhone despite knowing ki kuch nahi hoga i would check packets that curiosity for sunday to watch tv whole day ,comparing my life with shakalaka boom boom and sonpari ,power rangers ,characters .getting outta home without any worry of social anxiety and phobias din niklte jaate hai yaaar badlte jaate hai,ye sui jo dil pe bas halki lagi hui hoti hai upperse niche dhasti chali jaati hai ab hasne ko reason ,rone ko reason hokr bhi na ke barabar hote hai while making others smile we realise we have lost ours . when i remember myself when i was 5 i still remember i was really happy for the first day of my school i stillll remember that day ,day when i started learning something in my life never knew im gonna learn from hardtimes like this , but yet iam learning i ll keep learning till my last breath

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