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Aman @chosenone

The universe will only give you what you feel you deserve.

lf you, from the core of your heart, think that you deserve the most beautiful women, the fastest cars, the 9 figure mansions?

You will get them.

But you have to believe that you deserve it in every cell of your body first.

Most people don’t think they deserve the good things in life.

And no, saying it does not make it real.

You have to LIVE it.

This girl doesn’t treat you like you feel you deserve? LEAVE HER.

Because when you leave her, you send a signal to the universe-

“I deserve better”

And the universe always listens to your signs.

Guys who worship their mediocre girl tell the universe “This is exactly what I deserve, probably more than I deserve”

Don’t obsess over things that you know are just a stepping stone to what you eventually want.

Stop worshipping things that you know aren’t what you deserve.

It’s constant building.

Yourself, your environment, and your lifestyle.

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Joker @jo_ker

I Completely agree 💯


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