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The truth is such a weird thing.

Its hurtful, yet people ask for it.
It can end so many things.
It can start so many things.
It is hidden on the surface but is almost impossible to uncover.

If only we could all take what we ask for.
If only we could tell each other how we feel and not be offended.
If only we could take off our masks that hide our true thoughts and feelings, without others judging or leaving us.
If only we could take the damn truth.

I think my mom is annoying as hell. I feel like she doesnt understand me. But if I tell her this shes gonna punish me cause Im basically insulting her.

I care more about my friends than my family members.

I really did love zoe, even if I wasnt good at showing it. Now shes gone. And if I keep thinking about our memories, then its gon be in memory of me.

I dont want to play football this year. I hope its cancelled because of covid.

Id rather watch youtube in my room for 8 hours than to go outside and do something else.

Im constantly thinking about what my friends could be saying about me-they have an app that my mom doesnt allow me to get. And they have a group chat without me on it. Im just afraid on how they view/talk about me in it.

I have suspicions that one of my friends doesnt really enjoy talking to me anymore. But Im afraid if I confront her than she’ll be pushed away even more, because she’ll think I dont trust her.

And thats the truth about me.

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Xyz @aamisha

Hey. That’s really brave of you to come out in the open and talk about yourself, I’m proud of you.
As for humans, it’s our nature to be diplomatic about things. To feel contrary things at the same time. But in my personal opinion, I’d like to be told the truth, irrespective of how dreadful it could be. Lies are something I absolutely can’t bear!!


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